Presenting the craft beer packaging for the selections from the Poetic Justice Brewing Company! It's designed with a mind to poetry's ability to speak for itself. For those who aren't as literarily inclined, here's some background (which is on the back of the bottles): A "MacGuffin" is a plot device that is the driving force behind the story, but that ends up playing very little part in the actual plot (ex: crystal skull, briefcase, etc.). A "Red Herring" is a clue or event that's intended to mislead or distract. "Chekov's Gun" is the concept that everything in a narrative should have a purpose ("If you put a loaded gun on stage in the first act, it better go off in the second"), and a "Death Trap" is a situation in which the villain has trapped the hero and intends to kill them in a way that's usually complicated or sadistic. The variety pack mirrored the simplicity of the bottles, while incorporating a piece of the marketing material: a repurposed quote from Walt Whitman now exhalting the wonder that is the craft beer movement.