(I'm a designer, a banjoist, & an eagle scout.)

You can call me Zach. I live off a healthy diet of sausage gravy, jazz covers, and Horatian satire. I very rarely take myself too seriously. When I’m not neck-deep in the graphic arts, one can generally find me playing music or attempting to finish that day’s New York Times crossword (with, it can be said, some success). Graphic Design is more than a career to me. It’s a practice of visual ideological representation, and in pursuit of that, it also becomes a process of critical seeing, a means of perceiving my world through its attempts to perceive itself. With that discipline, I am irrevocably in love.

I also enjoy ice hockey, a nice caramel latte, and all the Monty Python movies.


For now, that’s who I am. Please deposit all trash into the nearest receptacle, and I hope you have a marvelous day.

If you're interested in my résumé, you can find it here.